President Larry Dayhuff, N7LWD 

As president, it is my job to direct the FMCA Amateur Radio Chapter to enhance growth and participation.  Therefore, I encourage more member involvement.  The chapter needs members to volunteer for functions like Net Control Operator, HF Net Management, Rally Hosting, and Transmitter & Website contributions.  This is your chapter and you will find it challenging and rewarding if you get more involved with these essential operations of the chapter.  My job also includes listening to what members have to say.  Just drop me an email with any of your concerns or questions.

Vice President Dave Rathke, WB4OHV

I've been treasurer since March 2012 at the spring rally in Breaux Bridge, LA.  I picked up the reigns from Darlene Kriz, WB9AKJ.  After many years of pressure to move up to a higher office, my excuse was always, "I have to work many irregular schedules and times, but when I retire, I can do just about anything."  Well, after a 35 year career as an airline captain is now over, I am out of excuses.  I always say, " if we all just sit back and do nothing in the club, why have the club"?  I am here to support Larry and fill in as necessary.  Now I need to learn about Robert's Rules of Order.  I thought my days of studying were over. Ha! 

73's Dave WB4OHV

Treasurer Karla Dayhuff, K4KLD

As your Treasurer, I will maintain detailed accounting of the Amateur Radio Chapter's funds, including documentation for expenditures and/or deposits to the General Treasury or Rally fund.

Secretary Karen Hamilton, WB5UFM

As secretary, my responsibilities are:

Keep accurate and updated records, submit all required reports to FMCA in a timely manner, attend and take minutes for all executive board meetings and general business meetings, and publish minutes in the Transmitter.

National Director Ned Boston, K8RZA

The role of the National Director is to serve as a liason between the National Office of FMCA and the Chapter. The National Director of each Chapter, together, are members of the Governing Board.  Under the FMCA Constitution, the Governing Board has the final say on governance. Governing Board meetings are held each year during the Summer International Convention.

Alternate National Director Lee Nugent, N5LN

My role as Alternate National Director is to attend the National Governing Board meetings if the National Director is unable to attend.  I encourage all members to attend our ARC Chapter Rallies.  And also attend as many National and Regional rallies as you can.  It is fun to have "eyeball" QSO's with other Hams from all over the country & especially those who also enjoy the RV'ing lifestyle.  If you are planning to attend a Regional or Area rally somewhere, please let the Rally Planning Committee know about it.  You might be able to have a mini FMCAARC Rally there!

How many people in the country even know what an "Eyeball QSO" is, anyway?  Hi, hi. 

73's to all