2015 Fall Rally in Livingston, LA.

2015 Fall Rally Attendees
Coach Call Last Name First Name(s) FMCA No Status Site Fee Pd Prob
1 N7LWD Dayhuff Larry & Karla F404927 Rally Host, President 110 Yes 1.0
2 N5LN Nugent Lee & Peggy F164619 Rally Host, Alt National Director 111 Yes 1.0
3 WB5VQW Hamilton Rick & Karen F397743 Vice President 109 No 0.8
4 W4OHV Rathke Dave & Beth F291997 Treasurer - No 0.5
5 WD0HDM Anderson Leslie & Margaret F409657 Secretary 113 No 0.8
6 AE4HJ Light Farley & Donna F424692 National Director - No 0.8
7 AA7YC Wright Les & Carole F274078 Past President - No 0.8
8 WB5MRB Blackstock Bob & Lana F381187 Member - No 0.8
9 NZ2W Borko Doug & Sharon F435377 Member - No 0.5
10 KT4XN Crowley Tom & Lynn F181735 Member 142 Yes 1.0
11 KG4SPE Dover Sam & Ann F178996 Member 115 Yes 1.0
12 K5HS Krizan Frank & Nancy A371885 Associate - No 0.3
13 KG4SPD Land Bill & Betty F157660 Member 114 Yes 1.0
14 W0HM Maas Herb & Lois F361324 Member - No 0.8
15 KW5I Myers Chuck & Anne F141463 Member 108 No 0.8
16 N4JKF Sanders John & Christine F164619 Member - No 0.8
17 W4PVN Starks Jay & Shirley F371137 Member 112 No 0.8
18 W3SJ Haney Dave & Judy F436166 Visitor 116 No 0.8
19 N0NE Saterfiel John & Cindy F388717 Visitor 143 No 0.8
Total Sites Purchased (out of 20 reserved) and Coach Probability 11 15.1
Attendance Probability Examples: 1.0 = rally fees are Paid, 0.8 = they will be going, 0.5 = thinking of going, 0.2 = interested in rally





Greetings to our FMCA ARC Family: 

It’s time to turn our thoughts to our Chapter’s 2015 Fall Rally.

     Who: All FMCA ARC members and their guests Come One Come All! - Invite Someone New to Join Us in Louisiana! 

     Rally Hosts:  Larry (N7LWD) & Karla (K4KLD) Dayhuff

     Rally Co-Hosts: Lee (N5LN) & Peggy Nugent

     What:  FMCA ARC Fall Rally and Business Meeting 

     When:  Thursday November 5 through Sunday November 8, 2015 

     Where:  Livingston, LA

     Why:  Because we love you 

Our theme for Fall 2015 is "Cajun Cooking."  


Rally Fees: – See Registration sheet below 

Fees include morning coffee and breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  As always, we will have our "No Host (BYOB) Social Hour" each afternoon pre-dinner (any creative appetizers??) Thursday's Welcome dinner will be Oscar Lee Nugent's Bayou Pasta dinner with Salad Bar/Desserts and a special guest speaker from Livingston Parish Tourism, Jonathan Taylor "JT" with Welcome Bags and door prizes.  We will announce our rally schedule for the next 3 days.  Plans are still underway for touring Historic Carter House and the plantation grounds with a possible catered luncheon; followed by a visit to the Hungarian Museum and possible Hungarian Chef's PASTRIES to enjoy.  Livingston is one of the oldest Hungarian settlements in the South.

Plans are also underway for a Lady's Luncheon in the Denham Springs Antique district, while the Gentlemen have lunch catered in or out with technical talks on site.  Sunday Devotion at 10 a.m. with Farley Light, our General Meeting with door prizes and dinner will round out the Rally.   Rally Hosts are still in the planning process, so please keep an eye on the web and emails for updates.

Campsites: We have 20 sites reserved at:Lakeside RV Park. We are hoping to be able to increase this number of sites held in reserve!  Also, Lakeside has 5 park model cabins; we have toured the cabins and they are fully stocked and very nice! You are responsible for making your own camping reservation - We do have a contract price of $29/night for the nights of the Rally, Thursday Nov. 5 thru Sunday Nov. 8; days preceding and post-rally are available at one other discounted rate only (PA, Good Sam's, etc.).  All sites are 50-amp/full hook-up and paved.  



A. Talk-in: 146.55 MHz Simplex

B. In-Camp: 146.55 MHz Simplex. Please stay tuned-in because this is the frequency Lee, Larry, and Karla will use to keep you informed 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Our goal is to post information and updates onto the Chapter WEB site by the time of the Summer Transmitter Release.


NOTICE: The Deadline for registration and rally checks; along with your site reservation is October 5, 2015.

You are encouraged to bring a Happy Hour/Party treat for our Thursday evening welcome party!

Come and be present to claim one of our many fine DOOR PRISES!

Read the next "Transmitter" for additional related rally information.

Larry Dayhuff (N7LWD), President, (352) 249-6680

Karla Dayhuff (K4KLD), Membership, (352) 249-8160

Lee Nugent (K5LN), Alt National Director, (985) 807-3286

Peggy Nugent (XYL of N5LN), (985) 707-5399


Download Printer Friendly Schedule and Registration Form at:

FMCA ARC 2015 Fall Rally Schedule and Registration Form


Make your reservations with Lakeside RV Park.  The campground will hold twenty spots for us until October 5.  After that, its space available and first come first served.   Make your reservation as-soon-as-possible so you can be parked with the chapter. 

Cost for RALLY Nights:  $29/night (all sites are 50/amp full hook-up

Location: Lakeside RV Park, 28370 S. Frost Road, Livingston, LA. 70745

Phone: (225) 686-7676 and tell them you are with the FMCA ARC Rally. 

See:http://lakeside-rvpark.com/ for additional campground information. 

NOTE: Lakeside RV Park has 5 park model rental units; one allows pets.  The cost per night is $75.00 on a first come/first serve availability.  If you wold like recommendations for overnight in a nearly hotel, we may have recommendations and discounts with Livingston Parish Tourism.  



 Campground:                       http://lakeside-rvpark.com/

 Campground GPS:               30.4538, -90.7422 – See web site above for map.