PotaLog-800.jpgPotaLog Program for POTA Logging Activity

by N7LWD

The PotaLog program was written to help the POTA park activator log contacts and display contact data from the QRZ database. The program will handle ‘nfers’ (multiple parks at one location) for both the activator and the Park-to-Park (P2P) contact. The program will automatically log contacts from the WSJT-X program for an activation (or HUNTER) session. The program will create a proper POTA “*.adi” log file with proper file name for submittal to the POTA regional representative for each park activated.

To read about all the features and operating procedures for PotaLog, download the README  file, which is also found as 'Getting Started' in the program's 'Help' menu once installed.

Although a mouse can be used, the main logging operation has been designed to operate by keyboard input only. This will allow the operator to keep their hands on the keyboard and not have to switch back and forth between keyboard and mouse. (Note: To get complete QRZ data for each contact, a subscription to the QRZ XML Database is required. In 2021, it was about $30/yr).

This program was developed using the Cross Platform Qt Creator IDE with Microsoft Windows and Linux Mint environments. To run this program, you will need to first download the Qt6 libraries (latest version is Qt6.2.2) for your Windows or Linux system, one download. This only needs to be done once. There after, you would download the latest version executable program, one download. Click on these downloads from the tables below, either for Windows or Linux, depending on your operating system.

If you download this program and give it a try, please report any bugs, problems, or general comments (good or bad) you might be have to N7LWD@arrl.net . I will try to resond to your comments as soon as I can. However, do remember that we travel in our motor home and this is a volunteer effort. Thanks for your patience.

For a history of this program, please see the Change Log.

PotaLog for Windows

POTA Logging Program for Activators

PotaLog-2.0.0.exe1.76 MB2021-12-22 16:10:50
PotaLog-1.3.6_Setup.exe1.73 MB2021-12-22 16:10:36

PotaLog for Linux (Debian based)

POTA Logging Program for Activators

PotaLog-2.0.0.deb230.04 KB2021-12-22 16:10:07
PotaLog-1.3.6.deb198.94 KB2021-12-22 16:10:04