2015 Spring Rally in Cave City, KY.


Download Printer Friendly Rally Registration Form here:

2015 Spring Rally Registration Form





Add the Corvette Museum and Assembly Plant to our list of things we are going-to-do!  With a bit of magic it May  not cost extra. 


Greetings to our FMCA ARC Family: 

Here We Go: 

Once again it’s time to turn our thoughts to fair weather and our Chapter’s 2015 Spring Rally.

     Who: All FMCA ARC members and their guests Come One Come All! - Invite Someone New to Join Us in Kentucky! 

     Rally Hosts:  Rick WB5VQW & Karen WB5UFM Hamilton 

     Rally Co-Hosts: Chuck KW5I & Anne KD5TNA Myers 

     What:  FMCA ARC Spring Rally and Business Meeting 

     When:  Tuesday May 12 through Friday May 15, 2015 

     Where:  Cave City, Kentucky

     Why:  Because we love you

Our theme for spring 2015 is “Post” Kentucky Derby Party.

Karen and I are excited about our (your) upcoming 2015 Spring Rally at the Cave Country Campground in Cave City, Kentucky.

We are also excited and feel fortunate to have Chuck and Anne Myers as co-hosts.  They’re a big asset for our rally’s success.

Come prepared to have a good time and rekindle old and create new friendships all in the good name of Rving and Amateur Radio.  Bring a big appetite because the ARC loves good food, Rving, Amateur Radio, fellowship, and more good food.

Remember that the Family Motor Coach Association requires each chapter to have at least one rally a year with a minimum of fifteen coaches present to maintain active chapter status.  This rally may also be a business meeting so we will need a quorum present for voting purposes.  We need and want you to be there because “This Is Your Chapter”.

Rally Fees: – See Registration sheet below 

Fees include: three breakfasts, morning coffee, Four happy Hours, Tuesday welcome dinner, Wednesday Chile dog dinner, Thursday pot-luck dinner (meat provided), and Friday Pizza party, and much more.  Details for the pot luck dinner will be available no-later-than March 27, hopefully sooner.  Check our web site often.  Rally management reserves the right to modify menues.  You will be kept informed.

Campsites: You are responsible for making your own camping reservation - See below 

Cave Country Campground welcomes pets; see website: http://www.cavecountryrv.com/ 


A. Talk-in: 146.895(-) Tsql 114.8You may want to pre-program this frequency into your radio. Not only will it be our primary talk-in frequency we may also use it when we caravan to the Corvette Tour and Museum.

B. Talk-in: 146.52 MHz Simplex 

C. Talk-in: 146.55 MHz Simplex

D. In-Camp: 146.55 MHz Simplex. Please stay tuned-in because this is the frequency Chuck, Larry, and I will use to keep you informed 7:30 a.m. to 7 P.m. 

Thank you to the Mammoth Cave Amateur Radio Club and their President Larry Brumett, KN4IV, for their support and use of their club repeater.

Our goal is to post information and updates onto the Chapter WEB site around the end of the month as needed and as plans mature.   

NOTICE: We need all forms and rally checks to be in our hands no later than April 4, 2015.

You are encouraged to bring a Happy Hour/Party treat and/or wear something appropriate for our “Post” KENTUCKY DERBY Party Tuesday evening!  Hay! Did I read something about festive Ladies Derby Hats?

Come and be present to claim one of our many fine DOOR PRISES!

Read the next "Transmitter" for additional related rally information.

Rick Hamilton, WB5VQW                                 Karen Hamilton, WB5UFM

Vice President                                                  XYL Extraordinaire

(972) 775-1731, (972) 841-6206                          (214) 557-7958








Tuesday May 12 through Friday The 15th, in Cave City Kentucky 

Name: _________________________________________HAM Call: __________________ 

Spouse: _______________________________________ HAM Call: __________________ 

Guests: ___________________________________________________________________ 

Phone Number: (______) ___________________ 

Cell Phone No.: (______) ___________________ 

FMCA Number: ___________________________ 

Members in Party: __________  Guests in Party: ___________ 

Rally Fees: $55.00 per person (X) Number of People in party = $_________.00 

Make checks payable to Rick Hamilton or Karen Hamilton and send them to: 

          Karen Hamilton 

          5336 Ranch Cedar Rd. 

          Midlothian, TX 76065-4533 

Please, we need the completed form and Rally Fees in hand no-later-than April 4, 2015.




Make your reservations with Cave Country Campground.  The campground will hold twenty spots for us until April 1 (no fooling).  After that, its space available and first come first served.   Make your reservation as-soon-as-possible so you can be parked with the chapter. 

Cost for Camping: $34.20/night for 30A and $36.20/night for 50A TAX included (additional nights same price). 

Cave Country Campground, 216 Gaunce Drive, Cave City, KY. 42127 

Phone: (270) 773-4678 and tell them you are with the FMCA ARC Rally. 

See:http://www.cavecountryrv.com/ for additional campground information. 

NOTE: One Park RV unit is available to rent and there are other accommodations nearby if you will not be in a coach.   Ask about alternate accommodations when you call.  



Kentucky:                              http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kentucky 



Park City, Kentucky:              www.parkcity.ky.gov 



 Cave City, Kentucky:             www.cavecity.com 


 Bowling Green, Kentucky:    www.bgky.org 



Amateur Radio:                     www.kcarconline.com 





 Campground:                       http://www.cavecountryrv.com/ 

 Campground GPS:               37.134944, -85.968541 – See web site above for map.