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New Member Dues Prorating Schedule for first Year
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1 $15 $10
2 $12 $9
3 $8 $6
4 $4 $3
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Description of Member Privileged Functions

View Account - Allows you to view your current FMCA ARC account data.
Edit Account - Allows you to edit your current FMCA ARC account data. Please keep it up to date.
Post Location - Allows you to plot your GPS location on the QTH map.
Position Track - Generate a KML file to plot your APRS position track on Google Earth.
Email Members - Allows you to email Active Members individually or in pre-selected groups.
List Members - Lists Members from pre-selected categories like Active, Honorary, Rally Hosts, etc.
View Roster - Lists the Active Member Roster in either Name sort or Call sort order.
Print Roster - Produces a printable version of the selected Member Roster.
Export Roster - Downloads the Roster as a ' *.csv ' file for use in a spreadsheet.
Netlog Roster - Downloads the Roster as a ' *.csv ' file in the format for NetLog.
Email List - Downloads the Member Email List as a text file for use in your Email Program.
Member Statistics - Lists various statistics about the FMCA ARC membership.
Silent Keys - Visit our documentation of Silent Keys.
Member Functions