2016 Summer Rally in TX.

2016 Summer Rally Attendees
Coach Call Last Name First Name(s) FMCA No Status Site Fee Pd Prob
1 N7LWD Dayhuff Larry & Karla F404927 Rally Host, President 170 Yes 1.0
2 W4PVN Starks Jay & Shirley F371137 Rally Host 200 Yes 1.0
3 N5LN Nugent Lee & Peggy F427658 Alt National Director - Yes 1.0
4 WB5VQW Hamilton Rick & Karen F397743 Vice President 171 Yes 1.0
5 W4OHV Rathke Dave & Beth F291997 Treasurer - - 0.2
6 KB5HP Anderson Leslie & Margaret F409657 Secretary 197 Yes 1.0
7 AA7YC Wright Les & Carole F274078 Past President - Yes 1.0
8 VA7VGO Bishop John & Barb F437054 Member - Yes 1.0
9 WB5MRB Blackstock Bob & Lana F381187 Member - Yes 1.0
10 KI6WJ Brown Jim & Kathy F313873 Member - Yes 1.0
11 K3IY Floyd Jerry F111933 Member 198 Yes 1.0
12 KG7CXR Jenkins Lynn & Liz F425890 Member - Yes 1.0
13 KG4SPD Land Bill & Betty F157660 Member - Yes 1.0
14 KW5I Myers Chuck & Anne F141463 Member - Yes 1.0
15 KF5TYA Raef Bob F404075 Member - Yes 1.0
16 WB5UFD Stiebing Jim & Martha F422995 Member - Yes 1.0
Total Sites Purchased (out of 30 reserved) and Coach Probability 5 15.2
Attendance Probability Examples: 1.0 = rally fees are Paid, 0.8 = they will be going, 0.5 = thinking of going, 0.2 = interested in rally





It’s time to turn our thoughts to our Chapter’s 1st Rally of 2016!  We missed the "spring" and have slid into the warm summer months.  Our Rally theme will certainly take on the atmosphere of our location as the ARC motors those horses to the great state of Texas!  Don those Hats, Bandanas and Boots and Ya'll Join Us in Amarillo!

     Who: All FMCA ARC members and their guests Come One Come All! - Invite Someone New to Join Us in Texas! 

     Hosts:  Larry (N7LWD) & Karla (K4KLD) Dayhuff

     Hosts: Jay (W4PVN) & Shirley Starks

     What:  FMCA ARC Summer Rally 2016

     When:  Monday July 25 through Thursday July 28, 2016 

     Where: Fort Amarillo RV Park, 10101 W. Amarillo Blvd in Amarillo, Texas; (806) 331-1700   (GPS: 35.1914, -101.9586)

     Why:  It's time to celebrate our Chapter's 35 anniversary, to hold our General Business Meeting, and to have our Biennial Officer Elections.

Campsites:  Ft. Amarillo RV Park is holding 30 sites for us until July 11, 2016; at that time sites will be based on availability. All sites are 30/50 amp; E/W/S.Members are responsible to make their own campsite reservations; site numbers are listed on registration form on a first come/first serve basis.  A first night deposit of $35 is required.  If our group reaches 20 units, our nightly rate decreases to $30/night and the $5 overage will be applied to your account balance.  Please do not make your reservation with Ft Amarillo RV Park on-line; call the RV Park directly to ensure you are with our "FMCA ARC" group.

Rally Fees are per person:   Please plan to have your Rally Registration and Payment to Karla by June 15, 2016    See Form Below

Rally fees include several activities and are listed in part on the registration form.  Additional information will be announced as planned on our web site, HF Net, EchoLink Net or you can contact the rally hosts.  Rally activities are subject to change based on attendance at the rally.  We are getting group rates for some of our events.

Contact your Rally Hosts by email, phone, or text at:
Larry:  larry@dayhuff.net (352) 249-6680 Cell
Karla:  karla@dayhuff.net (352) 249-8160 Cell

Jay: jstarks@tampabay.rr.com (813) 966-3490 Cell

Shirley: sstarks@tampabay.rr.com (813) 843-6616 Cell

(813) 996-6616 Home



Things to do in Amarillo


A. Talk-in: 146.55 MHz Simplex

B. In-Camp: 146.55 MHz Simplex. Please stay tuned, this is the frequency Larry, Karla, or Jay will use to keep you informed 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Our goal is to post information and updates onto the Chapter WEB site.  Information will also be in the Spring 2016 Transmitter.


Download Printer Friendly Schedule and Registration Form at:

FMCA ARC 2016 Summer Rally Schedule and Registration Form